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We utilize twenty-five (25) years of experience in the area of estate and trust litigation and administration where clients have come to expect aggressive representation in the litigation of estate, trust and guardianship disputes and sophisticated and thorough administration of estates and trusts. We provide a unique service as our experience in jurisdictions in the Northeast and down to Florida give us a perspective and insight often not experienced by other firms. Mr. Bennett handles each and every estate, trust and guardianship litigation personally and does not delegate such matters to associates unlike some of his adversaries in large law firms.

Why choose an attorney who is licensed in a number of states? While the specific procedures and settled case law varies from state to state, the common themes and issues in estate and trust litigation emerge in all of these states. Our office has successfully used tactics and strategies borrowed from other states previously unseen or contemplated by our adversaries.

Clients who become involved in a will contest or other estate or trust litigation in New Jersey or Pennsylvania may also, at the same time, find themselves drawn into the same litigation on the same matter in Florida. Our office can handle this expanded litigation over state lines. Clients need not be concerned with retaining multiple law firms and the duplication of legal fees caused thereby.